Nutrition Counseling in Windsor, MO

Need help with your weight loss goals? Or just want to feel healthier, inside and out?

Then look no further than our nutrition counseling in Windsor, Missouri.

While a visit to our chiropractic clinic might not seem like the obvious choice for getting help with your overall wellness and weight, we can ensure you overcome these hurdles by helping you get the right physical and mental balance.

How Does Our Nutrition Counseling Work?

While chiropractors are revered at treating spine-related conditions, they’re also fully qualified to assist patients with their overall health and wellness. This includes offering advice on a variety of lifestyle aspects, such as diets.

After all, when you experience ongoing pain, it’s highly likely you’ll gain weight.

How come?

Not only are you unable to embark on an effective exercise regimen and get a good night’s sleep, but you may also find that food becomes your comfort. This means there’s a huge correlation between pain and weight gain.

What’s more, we take a holistic stance with your health, so our aim isn’t just to eliminate any pain you’re experiencing. We also want to help generate a better sense of well-being and aid the healing ability your body naturally has.

This united approach helps keep further health complications and ailments at bay.

What’s Involved in Our Wellness Program?

A number of aspects may be incorporated into your nutrition program, including:

Chiropractic Adjustments

These help treat subluxations of the spine (incorrectly positioned or misaligned spinal bones). As these often induce pain and decrease your mobility, treating them helps you become more active again.

Plus, subluxations may also impact the signals of your central nervous system, distorting your eating signals or hunger pangs. By getting rid of subluxations, we can ensure you make healthier food choices.

Colostrum Therapy

This utilizes the powerful superfood, colostrum, to provide a wealth of benefits. These include restoring balance in your digestive tract, preventing the release of toxins from your digestive system, and repairing your immune function. It’s also proven to active fat metabolism, increase strength and lean muscle, and boost the intake of vital nutrients.

Nutrition Counseling

Finally, to complement the above, we’ll also ensure you enjoy ongoing health benefits by counseling you on the food and lifestyle choices you make. This includes activities you can do, your diet, and exercise recommendations. And all of this is tailored to your unique lifestyle and requirements.

The results?

Achieving your target weight with ease, while enjoying improved health and wellness.

Want to be happier and healthier? Then call us today at 660-647-5900 or book your appointment online.