Physical Therapy in Windsor, MO

Has physical therapy been recommended to you? Want to live a pain-free life and one without mobility restrictions?

Then it’s time to find out more about physical therapy in Windsor, Missouri.

Here at BeDell Chiropractic, we provide dedicated physical therapist with chiropractic care that’ll have you enjoying the life you want to lead in no time at all.

Why Visit Us for Physical Therapy?

Thanks to our revered chiropractor, Dr. Andrew BeDell, and our state-of-the-art technology, we can offer an extensive array of treatments. And these treatments aren’t just designed to combat the condition you’re suffering from but aim to boost your overall well-being in the process, too.

Furthermore, with our “no wait policy,” you don’t have to worry about sitting at the end of a long waiting list, as all our patients are seen immediately and are provided with the utmost care and attention to detail.

We also work with most major insurance policies, doing all the paperwork so you don’t have to.

Who Benefits from This Type of Therapy?

This type of chiropractic technique is used for a variety of conditions and ailments, from aiding physical rehabilitation post-injury to helping you manage ongoing conditions like arthritis.

And the best bit?

None of this involves invasive surgery that takes months to recover from, nor are you prescribed a cocktail of medication that comes with worrying side effects.

What Can You Expect from This Treatment?

We take care of patients who are navigating various stages in their recovery process, from giving them their initial diagnosis to helping them through their recovery. We can use physiotherapy as a one-off or can complement it with other chiropractic techniques to offer an extensive treatment program.

Your doctor may refer you to us, or you may choose this treatment for yourself.

Nevertheless, whatever and whoever puts you in touch with our clinic, you can expect a number of things from your care plan.

First, Dr. BeDell will conduct a full consultation, going over your medical history; looking at your posture, flexibility, and movement; carrying out various diagnostic tests; and analyzing the performance of your muscles and joints.

Second, he’ll give you your diagnosis before explaining his recommendations for your treatment plan, both short- and long-term. For added peace of mind, each stage of your care is discussed in detail with you.

Finally, he’ll ensure your recovery is ongoing by providing you with various tips and recommendations for your health, diet, and exercise.

To hear more about our industry-leading treatments, including physical therapy, contact us today at 660-647-5900.