Chiropractic Care in Windsor, MO

Whether you’ve been referred to our chiropractic clinic for a particular condition or you’re thinking about visiting us for help with an ailment, you may have some reservations about what you can expect.

This is completely normal.

Here, we’ll explore what you can expect from your chiropractor and why chiropractic is such a revered treatment among many health care professionals.

What Conditions Can We Treat?

We work with a whole host of patients on a daily basis, from those looking for acute therapy for aches and pains to those needing ongoing help following an injury or operation.

You see, we’re able to treat a number of conditions that relate to your musculoskeletal system. And by targeting the problematic area, we can help get rid of your pain and improve your mobility.

We even help people who haven’t got a specific ailment but want to enjoy greater well-being and improved health. This includes offering advice and guidance on lifestyle factors, diet, and exercise.

How effective are these treatments?

Well, according to one study, when it comes to lower back pain, chiropractic care is the best treatment you can undergo. This research also highlighted how, compared to other types of medication, chiropractic worked better for people who were suffering from chronic spinal pain.

What Can You Expect When You Visit Our Chiropractor?

To help ensure the treatment you receive is fully tailored to your unique requirements, our chiropractor, Dr. Andrew BeDell, will begin with an initial consultation. This involves a few questions about your health and lifestyle as well as an examination of your spine.

Once done, he’ll determine the best possible treatment program for you.

Some of the most common techniques are spinal manipulation and manual adjustments.

Spinal manipulation works to align your muscles and joints and reduce any pressure within them by applying gentle force to the target area. Dr. BeDell will move your body into different positions to do this, utilizing simple stretches and massage techniques to complement the therapy.

Manual adjustments also help improve the function of your spine, reduce any irritability in your nerves, and increase your range of motion.

Is it painful?

Absolutely not!

While you may experience some mild aches and stiffness afterward, any discomfort should disappear within a day.

Furthermore, to help ensure your recovery and improved health is ongoing, Dr. BeDell will also recommend exercises you can do at home and lifestyle changes you can make that will help ward off future ailments.

Find out more about Dr. BeDell here or call our friendly team at 660-647-5900.